About KENO

About KENO

KENO event & exhibition, established in 2003 and headquartered in Hong Kong.

Arcon Marketing Communications has grown rapidly, increasing its presence in Asia with headquarters in Hong Kong to Macao, Greater China – Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

KENO is a challenger. This identity became our guiding vision ever since we have founded the company.

As a challenger, we always endeavor to improve, innovate, and invent. These also are our missions.

Being a challenger, we refuse to settle for standard service because it is for standard quality. This is the reason why we can beat every benchmark at work.

We are a young, robust, highly qualified and energetic team operating across the Asia Pacific. We believe in partnership and teamwork on all levels, from our clients and partners to our associates. We are always eager and ready to help our clients meet their marketing and communications goals and expectations.

KENO seeks to provide an unchallenged and memorable exhibition and event experience to our clients through our services across the Asia Pacific and beyond!

About our services:

  • New and fresh design concepts
  • Engineering with relevant authority certifications and approvals
  •  Production of construction drawings
  • Fabrication of stand or pavilion, from installation to on-site management
  • Dismantling and storage
  • Effective cost control

KENO provides the most effective and efficient options for our clients, from specialized needs to comprehensive turnkey services.